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What We Do

We offers scientifically based talent solutions to assist organizational leaders in selecting, developing and retaining the right people. We work with business owners, c-suite executives and other top leaders to improve their effectiveness at work and in life! We empower companies to create high performing and engaged cultures.

How We’re Different

Our SCIENCE-BASED approach coupled with over 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE eliminates the guess work allowing organizational leaders to create the unique and engaged culture that is needed to win. We have formed PARTNERSHIPS with seasoned experts (below) to craft solutions that are effective, proven and time tested.

Our Values

We approach everything we do with a SERVANT’s heart. Always seeking to discover and meet the needs of our clients. We believe that people should be valued above all else, so our priority is to build, foster and deepen RELATIONSHIPs by adding value to those we engage and by extension their families and organizations. We provide VALUE through our professionally delivered, easily translated, top quality services offered at a fair price. All our interactions are anchored in high standards of ethics and INTEGRITY. We are committed to doing the right thing 100% of the time, regardless of circumstance.

Our Mission

To empower individuals, teams and organizations to understand and develop their God given talents!

Our Team


Founder and Chief Evangelist

Robb Breding

Breding grew up in Minot, North Dakota. While still in high school he met Pam Keyes. The two of them fell in love and were married more than 30 years ago. Robb graduated from Minot State University with a BA in Psychology and Business. The couple later moved to the Minneapolis Metro area where he and Pam currently reside. The couple has two daughters; Haley and Hayden. They are 18 years apart and Robb jokes that he and Pam decided that it would be best to raise their children one at a time. Aside from his family, Robb loves engaging with others to accomplishing a goal and is a true servant leader. He is an active member of his church and has served on several non-profit boards. His passion for people, organizational health and leadership development is evident in all aspects of his life. 

Background and Experience

Breding started his career while still attending college quickly working his way up the corporate ladder at Sears Roebuck and Company. He completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Sociology and Business while working for the retail giant. Breding also received a world class education from Sears directly by participating in leadership development programs; serving as a recruiter and selection specialist in their executive development program and promoting rapidly through many different roles over an 11-year period. Breding then decided to leave Sears to launch his own retail business. As president of a newly formed wireless phone company Breding and his brother grew the business from a single location to over 50 locations in 5 states. The brothers later sold the stores to key leaders within the organization and formed a second company where they developed a turnkey store operation model. Recruiting and supporting entrepreneurs to own and operate sub-agent wireless stores flying under the banner of their company. Breding and his brother sold this business in 2014. As REV’s founder Robb now works as a business consultant and coach empowering business owners, c-suite executives and their teams to achieve excellence and be the very best they can be.



Founder and CEo of Performance SolutionsMN

Robb Hiller

Robb has evaluated over 23,000 people and helped bring transformation across North America and Europe.  He is known for his work in talent development, coaching and putting together strategies that will work.  He was recently named the winner of the 2019 Bill Bonnstetter Lifetime Achievement Award given to the top consultant who has helped companies, people and fellow consultants get better.  His book, “Stop Barking and Start Leading:  5 Leadership Lessons We Can Learn From My Dog Bentley!” is part of the executive development program based on knowing your God given gifts and doing what his British Lab has done for years…”Bentley is a natural at loving people and bringing a smile and new energy to every encounter.” Robb lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, with his wife Pam and is glad to see the three kids off on their own!  Robb loves to golf and enjoys boat rides with family and friends. He and Pam love their British lab Bentley!  

Background and Experience

Hiller grew up in Marshall, Minnesota. Heattended St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, as well as the University in Paris, France.  He graduated “magna cum laude” with top honors of Distinction in History and  was a History major with an emphasis in voice. He sang in the world famous St. Olaf Choir and learned the value of teamwork and excellence.  His work career led him to being a leader at Xerox, United Technologies and became the CEO of a high tech company for nearly 8 years.  In 1995, Robb started Performance SolutionsMN Inc., and since then has focused on solving the challenge of putting the right talent in the right job and a remarkable way of helping people know their talents and discover their God given gifts.  In this way, anybody can become the leader that they are meant to be! His work has been across industries and Robb is known as the “talent” expert.  He speaks/writes on the subject and is working on his newest book regarding his journey of discovering 3 deadly cancers.  The book is going to be called, “The Power of 3” and will help anyone walking through adversity with a new, proven and “holistic” approach to coming out on top.  Robb is a cancer free today and lives every day as a gift.

Relationship to REV

In 2017 Robb H. and Robb B. met at a early morning bible study in Edina, MN. The two men quickly learned that not only did they share a first name with an unusual spelling, but they also had many other things in common. Both were married to women with the first name Pamela and both of their families had just been through a life threatening/changing battle with cancer where God had provided a miraculous outcome. The final common thread was their shared passion for people and business. Robb B. and REV were just emerging in a world that Robb H. had been thriving in for over 25 years. All of this and the friendship that formed has led to a partnership.  In 2018 REV began offering the full complement of talent selection and development solutions that Robb H. has developed at Performance SolutionsMN over the past 25 plus years.

To add value to others, one must first value others.
— John C. Maxwell


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