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Finding the "Right"​ Talent


Finding the "RIGHT" Talent for the job is not an easy proposition. What makes someone a great sales person does not always translate into making them a great sales leader. Success in company-A does not always translate into success at company-B. Also, how many times have we promoted a person from a place of success and satisfaction into a position of stress and failure. The complexity of business and the millennial workforce are compounding these challenges.

Unfortunately, companies are continuing to use outdated practices for hiring and promoting employees based exclusively on resumes, conversation and likability. Even when they do employ technology and science in the process, the tools used are often standardized solutions that do not take into account the unique requirements of the role or the culture of the company.

According to Gallup this outdated approach cost the U.S. economy nearly $400 billion last year. When I sit down with CEOs and business owners to discuss the cost of a bad hire or promotion decision, with or without data, they intuitively know that it is costing the company 10s of 1000s of dollars. They are eager to learn how to mitigate the damage and begin to make better decisions.

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Although every business is unique and the solutions vary greatly there is one tool that consistently makes a real difference in reducing turnover and improving performance. A tool we call "Benchmarking." Using science to identify the key behaviors, driving forces, acumen and soft skills required to perform a given role, we are able to bring real objectivity and clarity to the hiring and promotion process. The "Benchmarking" tool integrates with the application and interview process to save time and money. The tool is a validated, bias-free and fully integrated meeting EEOC and OFCCP requirements.

Author: Robb Breding 3/12/19